Wow (From idea to product)

I’m doing a 1979 CB650 rebuild/café project and like any project like this you come across various challenges like jetting/tuning and electrical stuff as well and of course there is the design. Yes it matters how well it runs but if it looks crap then that’s a problem as well. I needed a specific fibre glass seat, something custom that would fit exactly the way I want it to fit. I thought about making it myself and remembered my skill set level. Instead I produced a plug, an ugly sculpture from compressed wall insulation that gave me a sense of what it might look like. I needed someone to make it for me and an off the shelf would not do it for me. I came across Complete Caferacer looking for bits and I decided to drop Tony a mail outlining what I was trying to do. The response was “no problem send it to us” and I did. I got it back today, a compete fibreglass seat to my spec and it’s better than what I expected, a professional finish and a very professional service.

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