About Us

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Who is Complete Cafe Racer Ltd?
We have the largest range of Café Racer Parts in the UK and being from Yorkshire we’re probably the friendliest!  We deliver across the UK as well as internationally.  We don’t operate from home (or China!), we’re a well-established UK business with commercial properties to give you the confidence in all our products.

I’m Tony Garnham-Parks and I’m the lucky bloke who gets the posh title of Managing Director but actually gets to work with the love of my life (not the wife!), motorbikes! Ever since I was a small boy I can remember taking motorbikes to bits with my Dad and then putting them back together, tweaking the engine bits and doing the paint jobs to make them look amazing. I’ve worked in the industry (apart from a spell as a ‘show’ florist at one point (yes really!) for years in one way or another before getting back to motor bikes and everything round them.

After watching more Motorcycle Transformation programmes than I should admit to and a late-night conversation with the other love of my life (my wife, must say that somewhere on here!) we talked about the Cafe Racer style and how I could get a good quality seat for my bike. Soon we realised that I’d done all the manufacturing and painting in various jobs and businesses before so it was just a case of putting it all together and Complete Cafe Racer Ltd was born…

We get a great kick out of seeing your bike look fabulous!
Take a look in our gallery to see pictures of our own bikes and some of those our thrilled customers have built.

We supply a range of universal fit Cafe Racer seats with a range of finishing levels because we understand bikers sometimes like to retreat to their ‘man/woman cave’ to work on their own bikes.

Where are we?
We are based in Sheffield and manufacture all our seats in our business premises near the city centre.  We have a showroom open to all of our customers to come and have a look at our products.

Our team
So working alongside me are:

Martin Foster – Chief Mechanic, my sidekick. He has the answer to anything I am not sure about! He is the medicine to our bikes and on top of this runs his own polishing/chroming company! (which is helpful for our own builds!)

Kev Lupton – Laminator, He is the man behind the Fibreglass. We give him a design and he gives us a new seat! He is also my go-to man for Prepping whatever I need to paint that day.

Siobhan Garnham-Parks – Office Admin and Packer, if the name is not a big enough give away, she’s my daughter. Working alongside Marcin, I rely on these two to make sure my books are in order, my unit is tidy, my customers are happy and my coffee cup is always full!

Marcin Zygier  Office Admin and Chief Packer, The man behind your orders! He deals with any deliveries incoming and all your orders outgoing!

Opening times
We’re generally open 8.30-4.30 Monday to Friday, however in reality you’ll sometimes get a response to a phone call/email at all other (reasonable) times.