Honda CX500 #13

A beautiful Honda CX500 built by ourselves.

This is a fully re-built Honda CX500 1980.

Throughout the re-build, we modified the frame to make our Complete Cafe Racer CX500 Seat Unit fit and then sent the frame off for powder coating along with the swinging arm, Yokes, side stand and many other little parts. new wheel bearings and head stock bearings were fitted. The forks and yokes come from a Fireblade 929rr with a custom wheel spindle and top hat spacers designed to fit the CX front wheel. The bike has custom discs so everything works with standard wheel and blade calipers.

We fabricated a link pipe for the exhaust to fit the 2 into 1 collector box to fit our Complete Cafe Racer Grand Prix Exhaust, the baffle out it really howls!

To make this bike, a custom wiring loom with the electrics hidden in the seat including the battery was fitted. Clocks were not used but a mini dash with idiot lights for temperature, oil pressure, neutral and high beam was.

To get the look we were after quite a bit of work went into the finishing touches such as the removal of the nasty looking filler cap replacing it with a polished alloy Monza Cap. Talking of polishing, we polished the wheel rims and painted the centres. The paint is Panther metallic black to match the body work with candy cold stripes, with a white number board and the number 13 in panther black

The bike sounds just as good as it looks the only problem with this bike is you cannot go anywhere on it without people stopping you and saying “I had one of those but it wasn’t like that” –  I think everyone had one in the 80’s!

Not a bad problem really!

We are now on with another CX build similar,  keep an eye out for this!

The bike sounds just as good as it looks and is now back in the hands of the Customer!

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