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The (MG) Lightweight High Power Lithium Ion 12V Battery 6Amp is the Perfect Battery for Cafe Racer Builds. We often use the hump in Cafe Racer seats to hide the battery. We have used this batteries on most of our builds which can be seen in our gallery.

Dimensions are as follows –

  • Length – 15cm
  • Width – 8.5cm
  • Height – 10cm
  • Weight – 781g


Lithium Ion Batteries are the lightest and most environmentally friendly options on the Market right now! They have more than a 65% weight saving of normal Lead-Acid Batteries which makes them perfect for Track and Race Bikes where weight reduction is an enhancement!


Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Less volume and weight – 1/3 of equivalent model normal Lead-Acid Batteries
  • No Pollution – Contains no Acid or heavy metals such as Lead, Cadium, Mercury etc.
  • Non-Spilling – Contains no Acid
  • Super Cranking Power – Greater Cranking Power (40CA+)
  • Increased Safety – Non-polluting, non-explosive and non-combustible
  • Excellent Cycle Life – 2000+ charging cycles
  • Easy Charging – Any standard 12V motorcycle charger can be used on Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Package includes Instruction Manual and Spacing Pads for a secure fit as well as Connecting Bolts


We also stock these batteries in a small size or large size.


We sell lithium ion battery chargers too!


All of our products are universal and not bike specific. Please measure up your bike and see what will fit best and what you like the most.


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